Sunday, September 19, 2010

Why Kidical Mass?

Riding a bike is fun. It gets the blood flowing. It’s the antidote for cabin fever. It lets us feel the wind in our face. It feels like flying.

Yet a bicycle as transportation is more than just fun; it’s smart. It’s cheaper than driving. It’s better for your health, the health of those around you, and the health of the planet. Riding a bike to actually get somewhere also reminds our children (and us) that transportation requires effort. It feels good to realize that you got from A to B using only your breakfast as fuel, whether you’re eight or seventy-eight years old.

Unlike driving a car, riding down the street encourages interaction with passers-by. It makes others smile. It makes you smile. It makes the Earth smile.

How can we feel more connected with our community, live a more healthy lifestyle, spend more quality time with our children but less money, and save the planet at the same time? Bike as a family, whether it’s to the local grocery store or just a way to spend a lazy Sunday afternoon.

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