Thursday, May 12, 2011

Counting Down & Mother Nature

With three days until the big event everything is looking good...except perhaps the sky. There is currently a 50% chance of rain on Sunday and a projected high of 64 degrees. (Rain in mid-May? Whowouldathought?) Personally, I’m betting that there will be a sprinkle or two but not a downpour, but don’t quote me.

While we’ll be out enjoying the morning and invite you to join us, if getting a little soggy with your little one(s) isn’t your idea of a good time we certainly understand. The next Kidical Mass event will probably be in the Fall, with a more low-key ride perhaps sometime in the Summer. But for those of your adventuresome types, here’s a review of the plan:

We’ll be blocking off car traffic on 51st St. between M St. & L St. from 9:00am through noon.

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  • 9:00am – Bike Decorating (some decorations are conveniently waterproof).
  • 10:00am – The Ride. There will be two loops:

    • Wee Ones’ Route - a short loop on M St. from 51st to 48th, then up 48th St., right on K St., then right on 51st St. Youngsters can take as many loops as they’d like.
    • Bigger Kids’ Route - a longer loop on M St. from 51st to 33rd St. & back to 51st, which is about two-and-a-half miles total.

  • 11:00ish - Post Events

    • Sidewalk Bicycle Art (this could be extra rainbowy if it sprinkles).
    • Sloooowwwwwwww Race - Who can get from start to finish the slowest without falling over?
    • Obstacle Course – A small loop on the blocked-off street with ramps and turns. Who’s the fastest kid around?

As a last note, while we are certainly spoiled with great weather here in Sacramento, many of the top bicycle towns tend to be soggy places (Portland & Amsterdam come to mind). Bikes, like kids, are quite versatile machines.

Hope to see you on Sunday.

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