Saturday, May 14, 2011

A Wet Kidical Mass: come at 10am for the ride!

So it looks like it’ll be raining tonight and through tomorrow, which means that while the event will still happen, plans will be modified somewhat. Please bundle up the little ones (and yourselves) in layers with a waterproof something on top.

The 10:00am ride will remain unchanged, but the 9:00am bike decorating will be paired down to only the most waterproof of items. Also, given the wet road it wouldn’t be a great idea to do an obstacle course or sloooowwww race at 11:00am, so those exciting new events will have to wait until next time. We’ll be at 51st & M St. at 9:00am for decorating and socializing, but if you want to minimize you and your family’s time in the damp just come at 10:00 for the ride. Once we’re moving the kids will have a blast. We’ll be doing it Portland style.

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