Sunday, May 1, 2011

From the Marketing Dept.

And now, the moment you've all been waiting for...

It's the Spring 2011 Sacramento Kidical Mass Flyer!!!

As with last Fall's event, feel free to download, print, photocopy, and share with 200 of your closest friends. Especially if they're younger than 10 years old.

kidical mass flyer 2011 Spring

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  1. Forwarded on via

    Good afternoon!

    My name is Natalie Feuerstein and I am the Publisher/Editor for Macaroni Kid in the greater Folsom – El Dorado Hills area. Macaroni Kid is a national network of publications that are geared towards parents of school aged children. It is completely free and a great resource for parents and care providers. We are an events based publication so the newsletter focuses on all the fun family-friendly activities in our community.

    I wanted to let you know that the upcoming Sac Kidical Mass has been featured in this week's newsletter. You can view the newsletter and website, here: . I would be grateful if you would add me to your press list, so that we can help spread the word about upcoming events.

    If you would prefer we remove your event from our listing for any reason, please respond to this email letting me know. Please note that we make no profit off of this newsletter other than paid advertising spots and site sponsors. Your event is listed for free simply to provide families information on events in our area that are family friendly!

    Have a wonderful day and a spectacular event!

    Kind regards,


    Natalie Feuerstein
    Publisher Mom
    Macaroni Kid Folsom - El Dorado Hills

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